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A paradise not yet fully explored, lapped by two seas, with a historical, cultural and gastronomic tradition which is lost in the mists of time, Calabria, cradle of Magna Graecia, is a real temple of sacredness widespread in the territory, that, thanks to the action of time, gave it the appearance of a real natural museum, excavated inside a cavern of sedimentary rocks, which gives life to a space imbued with an almost primordial sacredness, which well harmonizes with the territory.

Not far from Tropea, in Spilinga, there is the production of the queen of Calabrian cold cuts, the ndujia, sausage flavored with chili pepper. Soppressata and Capocollo are other excellent cold cuts. The most important wines are the various Cirò DOC, red, rosé and white.


Arriving in Sardinia, the traveler’s heart is pervaded by a sense of freedom thanks to the captivating sceneries of this ancient land, pristine, rough and sometimes indomitable, where traditions are inextricably linked to the territory.

The Nuraghic civilization, tracing a deep furrow in the soul of Sardinia, guaranteed the creation of that mixture of sacred and profane, which is the basis of Sardinian folklore and culture, and which allows us to understand the charm of this land rich in contradictions and equilibria that have followed each other for millennia, reflecting themselves also in the vast food and wine production.

Cannonau and Vermentino, real elixirs, delight the palates, accompanying local products, like fregola sarda or porceddu, in an ideal combination of tradition and


In Puglia, cathedrals and monuments ranging from the Romanesque to the Baroque, frame the squares, in the shadow of monumental castles and  manor villas, in a landscape of enchantment that surrounds the historic villages and the cities of art.

Rich in treasures of inestimable value, where craftsmanship and the sea also have their stage of honor, from the Salento to the Gargano, in Puglia everything is an echo of ancient stories about the figure Federico II, historical Norman emperor, who left an indelible trace in the history and architecture of these places.

In a succession of trulli and farms, testimonials of a rocky architecture, which is lost in the mists of time, the Apulian culinary tradition develops, where the flavors of local dishes like Orecchiette alle cime di rapa, and Focaccia barese, combine in an ancestral union with Primitivo di Manduria, or Negramaro, very fine wines in the world of international oenology.


It is no coincidence that the magic of this region, so varied from the point of view of the territory, continues to amaze us with its traditions, folklore, art, cuisine and history.

Everything in Campania is impregnated with almost tangible smells, such as that of the Sorrento lemons, which mix, in an ideal dance, with that of food, culinary art, and local wine.

And what about the glimpses of the sea? Breathtaking views that emerge from every perspective, acting as a counterpoint, to the millennial history of the excavations of Pompei, for example, without, therefore, undermining its majesty.

In Campania you will be enchanted, also for the grandeur of the palace of Caserta, of the palace of Naples, of the cathedral of Amalfi, where everything seems to have remained unchanged over time. Ischia, with its many facets, a real pearl in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Campanian enogastronomy includes the symbols of  Made in Italy: pizza, mozzarella, pasta, tomato and basil. The most important wines are: Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo.