Italy is always worth visiting and we will show you its best side. House of many of the greatest artworks, architecture and cuisine in the world. In its air, you can feel an inspiring and moving atmosphere, like nowhere else on earth. Italy has its own soul, which makes it flutter, inspire and move like nobody else.
We introduce you the most exciting experiences in our country
Earth and Nature: The sea, the ideal place for romance and water lovers; The mountains, shrine of peaks and pinnacles; the lakes, renowned for their incomparable beauties; Nature and protected wildlife, natural reserves worth visiting.
Culture, Arts and History: Arts and History, the center of history, arts and culture; Culture and Entertainment, a country hosting unique and charming international events; Arts’ Cities, rich of monuments, churches, castles and museums.
UNESCO World Heritage: 53 sites, inside its boundaries, enlisted by the UNESCO as part of the world’s heritage.
Sport and Wellness: In any season, whatever your passion is, this is the ideal place for an active or wellness incomparable holiday.
Extra: Gastronomy, travels through the Italian food and wine culture seeking ancient recipes and genuine products; Religion and spirituality, a land faith and soul
Shopping: the Italian products, thanks to the Made in Italy brand are very much appreciated all over the world for their integrity and durability, for its original design and creativity, and for their distinctive tastes.


An exclusive experience designed around you and the most beautiful artworks in the world. An emotion that will make your dreams and wishes come true.
Accommodation – Concierge Services – Meet and Assist – Personal Shopper – Luxury Car – Private Coaches – Helicopter Chartering – Yacht and Sailing Boat Charters.
Luxury Italian Tours… will beat to the rhythm of your heart!


The perfect destination where the heart opens up, the mind expands, the body re-charges and the soul rises. Tailor-made Itineraries around your idea of wellness. Wellness travel moments, experiences planned to let you take care of your needs into the time limitations that every modern explorer has.


To know and to try out, following a life’s passion or the inspiration of a moment.
The experience of feeling really connected and alive, a long-lasting gift that is re-evaluated over time, an inexhaustible benefit to get back home with a memorable and unique memory.
•AUTHENTIC: true and natural experiences;
•SENSORIAL: to live the destination through all the five senses;
•IMMERSIVE: plunging into the place and into the local culture with the desire to blend with it.


We study, plan and carry out meetings, incentive tours, conferences, events and team buildings. A dedicated department that combines the experience of a communication agency with the specific knowledge of logistics.
This department follows every organization’s phase and fulfills it with punctuality and the highest professionalism.
Working with the biggest international brands, our product is entitled to be considered among the most important in the field of corporate and special events in Italy.



A staff dedicated to bleisure. To give the maximum comfort and professionalism to businessmen who link together a business and leisure travel in Italy. We manage to make the stay unique to those who take the chance of  being away on business to spend some time with the family, to pamper onself or to cultivate a  passion. Dedicated services and 24h assistance.


Imagine driving along the Italian countryside. The windows are rolled down, the weather is beautiful, and nothing lays ahead except for sweeping views and the promise of a vacation unlike any other. For a truly unique trip, a fly and drive package allows the guests increased flexibility as well as a deeply immersive Italian experience. A trip to Italy does not have to be limited to a singular flight in and out of your selected destination. With Master Group’s Fly and Drive packages, guests are invited to grab the wheel and head off into the Italian sunset toward whatever destination.


A short but perfect break in the most important Italian cities to know the prestige, the history, the art and also the contemporary soul of the “Bel Paese” with the largest number of artistic places declared ‘World Humanity Heritage’. A quick escape to get an unique experience and indescribable emotions. You can smell the scent of our food, admire the masterpieces of our earth, reach out and touch our story, visit places that can not be described. Venice, Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples are some of the destinations you can reach to living Italy in every season. For you a wide range of services and solutions in the major Italian cities.


Our numerous proposals for guided tours in the most important italian cities and in the tourist areas will allow you to choose from a wide range of products. We are able to create tailored tours ensuring the quality of routes, facilities and transportation with the attention to your every need. We offer: CLASSIC Tour, classic italian art, history and culture of our country; PLACES OF THE SPIRIT, religious itineraries to discover the “Sacred ways”; TOUR AND FUN, not only art and culture but also a lot of fun.

Italian Sea


Italy is the ideal destination for a beach vacation: from the north to the south, stretches of sandy beaches alternate with jagged shorelines and sea. A landscape full of seaside resorts, picturesque coastline, romantic fishing villages, wonderful natural views. The variety of the landscapes makes different vacation options that offer a blend of relaxation and fun, privacy and leisure. We offer a complete range of solutions for product Mare Italia in the most famous places of each region. Wherever the offer of accommodation facilities is significant and of the highest quality: from luxury resorts, clubs that offer entertainment, fun and all kind of sports, the family hotels that combine comfort and warmth. Therefore, anchored your boat and be enchanted by the turquoise seas.



The holidays at the high altitude will give you unique emotions, made of sounds and scents of green paths and rock jumps, crystal-clear streams and bright expanses of ice. These are the mountains in Italy. A perfect setting for a holiday all year round… winter, spring, summer or fall there is always a place to live and find out! Many of the resorts and tourist destinations where you can share the experience of being in contact with the enchanting natural heritage. The offer of Master Group will be able to satisfy all tastes: not only hotels, but chalets, residences and shelters. The majority of Italian mountain resort offers numerous cultural opportunities and outdoor activities both in winter and in summer: skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking.


You need the full functioning of the senses to travel. Small or large, you will live your trip with your intellectual and physical senses, you will absorb everything that surrounds you in full consciousness. You will compare yourself with daily life made of matter and the universal nature made of origins, with what we have and not with what we must be daily. We will understand that the wealth of a man is measured by what he has within and not from what he has got. Here is our Trekking Experience, a journey of emotions in the natural environment: rivers, mountains, deserts, forests and people different from us. Our minds are opened to new lease of life until we understand our identity.